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Safety Shower System

Our new Chem-Ease, offers customers a unique solution, suitable for remote locations, that helps deal with chemical spills that come in contact with people. This all-in-one safety shower system, with built-in eyewash station, is a completely packaged system that is easy to install and operate. Ideal for remote location: industrial, mining and defence sites, or where a large store of chemicals is stored in a remote locations where there is limited access to water supply.


Operation of the system is simple via a vertical pull rode for the safety shower and hand lever or foot pedal for the eyewash station. With any of these operations, a controlled, pressurised flow of tempered water is immediately activated and the emergency green fluorescent light is switched on to alert other staff in the vicinity.

The system is contained within a security cage enclosure or with optional snake/rodent proof cladding.


You can be confident of a high standards of workmanship when you purchase or specify a Chem-Ease System. Manufactured in Australia under ISO 9001 Certification, and designed to meet Australia’s extreme conditions, with Category D wind rating. The safety shower and built-in eyewash station components meet Australian Standard 4775-2007. 

AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.

Chem-Ease System is rigorously tested at our state-of-the-art testing facility. Using highly accurate and calibrated testing equipment we ensure your new system of operating at optimum efficiency prior to dispatch.
Additional Custom Solutions

Our experience Engineering and Design Team are also available to provide custom design version of the Chem-Ease system. The system can be scaled and tuned to best manage the chemicals stored on your site.

Containment and treatment can also be added to ensure discharge from the system is meet any environmental regulations.


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