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VelRay Self-cleaning Cross-flow Filtration

Highly Reliable Solution

The new VelRay X™ Filter System removes a large amount of fine suspended solids from high-volume water streams, with automatic operation. Validated to handle an impressive solids levels of >10,000 ppm, the system uses a cross-flow filtration mechanism, with patented filter screen technology, and with centrifugal separation.


The VelRay X™ extended range capability eliminates the need traditional multi-stage filtration solutions for many applications. With a wide pH range and made with NSF-61 compliant materials, the VelRay X™ can operate effectively over a wide temperature range. It can also operate in the presence of fats, oils and greases; making it ideal for a host of applications other filter types can handle. This makes the VelRay X™ a highly cost-effective and robust fine particle filter solution.

Keeping it clean

The VelRay X™ uses active brush cleaning of filter surface and self-cleaning axial flow driven operation, ensuring the system is always operating at optimum levels of efficiency. Filter cores, brushes and bearings are easily maintained or replaced.



With an upright design and small footprint, the VelRay X™ can be easily transported and maneuvered, or added to an existing treatment train. The VelRay X™ has an advanced control panel, allowing fully automatic functionality.

VelRay X™ 4000

Liquid Flow Rate

  • Working Pressure: 20 psi – 60 psi (1.3 – 4 bar)
  • Working Temperature: 35 – 185 (℃) / 2 – 85 (℉)
  • Working pH: 5 – 9 Continuous


  • 20 Microns Nominal

Flow Rates

  • 90 m³/h
  • 25 l/sec


  • TSS Range: Up to 10,000 mg/L
  • Solids: 1/8 inch / 3mm


  • Inlet / Outlet: 4” I/O ISO Flange, 2” Drain ISO Flange


  • 380V – 480V, 50/60 Hz, 3Ø


  • 864 x 2,134 x 1,524 (W x H x L)


  • 635kg (Dry Weight), 726kg (Wet Weight )

The VelRay X™ 4000 system is ideally suited to industrial applications such as Mining and Wastewater Treatment. The VelRay X™ 4000 provides a  unique treatment option to enhance existing treatments,  or to replace traditional multi-treatment solutions.


Source Water

  • Sand & Sediment
  • Algae
  • Invasive species
  • Point of Entry
  • Boiler feed
  • Nozzle protection


  • Discharge treatment
  • Meet regulations
  • Reduce or removed surcharges
  • O&G; SWD / Recycle / Reuse

Water Re-use

  • Make-up water
  • CIP System
  • Chemical solution
  • Cooling tower

Utility Water

  • Wash down / flume water
  • Cooling
  • Nozzle protection
  • Pump protection
  • Product Quality
  • Point of Use
  • Pre-treatment – Membranes
  • Pre-Treatment – Media

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the VelRay X™ provides exceptional performance, proven by rigorous testing and real world application. Fully supported by Protex Water across Australia and New Zealand.


Installation is made easy using our step-by-step, plug and play, Installation and Maintenance Guide. The VelRay X™ System can be supplied with site commissioning as part of the quoted price, ensuring you can be fully operational without any hassle.