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Service Q&A

Understanding common service issues

If you have a maintenance issue that needs addressing and it’s not obvious want the problem is, we’ve put together a Q&A to help you identify the issue. Sometimes it hard to determine the origin of the problem, however before you book us to come out to site it’s always a good idea to gather as much information about the problem as possible. This includes taking a few photos or a short video to send to us, so we can better ascertain you situation and provide you with the best advice prior to visiting your site.  

If your situation is an Emergency, call us on 1800 810 139 to discuss your needs.

Regular maintenance issues q&a

When there’s been a storm with heavy rain it can overload pump stations and/or related stormwater or rainwater harvesting systems. This can be because a system has failed from a  result of a foreign object or material entering the system and causing a overload or blockage. If you think this is the case you’ll need to book a Maintenance Service visit from one of our Technicians.

Almost all Protex Water treatment systems will automatically restart but power outages can overload or activate a fail-safe mode in some equipment, particularly those without a power backup systems. This can require a reset at the Control Panel or system analysis to verify any faults. Please call to discuss the options further if you think this is the case.

If you can see a red light flashing on your control panel or equipment it means that there is a system fault that need to be addressed.  The treatment plant may show a message identifying the fault across the top of the HMI screen.  This also means your system is either not operating, or is only partly functional. If this is the case, you’ll need to book a Maintenance Service visit from one of our Technicians, unless your equipment has BMS activated and you have an existing Service Plan with Protex Water. 

When you see water or sewage leaking from you pump station manhole cover or from your properties drains it is usually because there is a blockage in the system somewhere. You need to contact us to undertake a visual inspection or your pumps to ascertain the blockage location and to clear it.

Constant leaking of water into your basement or carpark, particularly when there has been no heavy rain is usually a sign that water management or storage equipment is leaking. This is often from pipes or pipe joints, or from tanks or pump stations. See if you can tell where to water is flowing from, is it rising up from the ground or down from the wall?, or leaking near to an equipment source? Then call us to discuss the next steps.

Most water tanks have automatic water level controller and an overflow diversion outlet to ensure they don’t over fill. However, on the odd occasion a controller is not installed or fails, and/or the overflow can become blocked. If this is the case you should call us for further advice and to book a Maintenance Service visit.

Check that the treatment plant is switched on and that there has not been a loss of power.  If you can consistently smell sewage, but there is no evidence of a leak and all your sewage equipment is operating as normal, there is likely an issue further up the sewer line or your waste system is full and requires attention. Call us to troubleshoot your issue further, a Maintenance Service visit may be required.

If your toilets have no water for flushing this can mean you rainwater recycling system has a fault, a blockage or no available rainwater in your tank storage. The system can be activated to supply from mains. Call our friendly service team to assist with technical support over the phone or book one of our service technicians to rectify the fault.

If you are operating an Protex Water supplied water or sewage treatment plant and you are unsure how to troubleshoot the issue, call us on 1800 810 139 and ask for Water Treatment Service support. We’ll talk you through the required steps or connect to your plant remotely to assist you with your issue.

Protex Water recommend checking your treatment plant chemical levels at least once per week.  Call us to book in a chemical delivery if the tank volume us less than 30%.

First and foremost protection yourself and others around you.  Evacuate the treatment plant area or building as required. Refer to the MSDS for further instructions and information on the chemical spilt. Call 000 if you deem the chemical spill to be an emergency.

Book a Maintenance Service visit from one of our Technicians as soon as possible.   It is likely that the instrument requires recalibration.  Recalibration or calibration checks of instruments should be done every 3 – 6 months.

Book a Maintenance Service visit from one of our Technicians as soon as possible. UV lamps should be changed at least every 12 months.

Plumbing Services Specialist

Protex Water are a very experienced and professional company to deal with and their service is always second to none.

Commercial Plumbing Specialists

Great service, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in their field. Good pricing and willing to go above and beyond for their customers….

Plumbing Specialist

We have used a vast array of Protex Water products… their quality is second to none and back themselves up with superior after sales service when and if required.

Fire Services Customer

Whenever we use Protex Water, the service, attention to the detail of our requirements and the back up has been excellent.

Engineering Consultant

The service and advice from Protex Water is second to none and their experience is a comfort to fall back on and rely upon. I will always use Protex Water for all my pumps and design advice.

Plumbing Customer

Protex Water provide excellent value for money products, backed up with prompt quotes, deliver product on time and when scheduled and provide excellent servicing of products.


10 Nov: Rainwater Reuse Plant For Major Logistics Hub

Protex Water was contracted to deliver a Elementz Rainwater Reuse Filtration Plant for a new Mainfreight warehousing and freight facility in Dandenong South, Melbourne….

03 Nov: Bleedwater Treatment Plant For Melbourne CBD Tower

Situated at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the impressive 555 Collins is nearing completion. Protex Water has just supplied an Elementz Bleedwater Treatment Plant to the development…

22 Aug: Groundwater Treatment For Carbon Conscious Victoria Place

Advanced building boosts a specially designed Elementz Groundwater Water Treatment Plant…

22 Jun: Hydrocarbon Removal Plant For Hire Business Operator

Pinnacle called upon Protex Water to provide an innovative water treatment solution to manage hydrocarbon contaminated water…

14 Jun: Multi-faceted Green Star Solution

Protex Water delivers a multi-faceted water treatment solution, providing high levels of Green Star rating and innovative design, to the much-heralded Carlton Connect project…

22 Apr: Helping To Recycle Smarter

We were recently engaged to design and install a plumbing installation for the new bulk chemical storage facility at Visy’s Campbellfield plant…

14 Nov: Rising to the groundwater challenge

Dealing with groundwater seepage into basements, particularly for major construction projects with multi-level basements and high water tables, can be challenging…

30 Sep: Twin Torpedo Tanks for Luxury Apartments

17 Spring Street is a 33 level, luxury apartment development, Protex Water have provided two 19,000 litre below ground Torpedo Tanks for this onsite detention….

24 Sep: Water Security at Victoria Police HQ

Protex Water was the chosen partner to provide a range of water treatment and management systems for the new high-tech Victoria Police HQ in Melbourne’s CBD…

27 Aug: Premier Treatment For Premier Towers

Premier Tower at the heart of Melbourne CBD now ranks in the city’s top 10 tallest buildings and includes one of advanced Elementz Groundwater plants…

30 Apr: Groundwater Treatment Plant For Lakeside Apartments

We were asked to design, manufacture, install and commission a groundwater treatment package for a new apartment complex in Melbourne…

30 Mar: SBR Sewage Treatment Plant for WA Mining Village

Protex Water designed, constructed onsite and commissioned a new treatment package for the Fleetwood Village STP in Karratha WA…

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