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CSG Wastewater Treatment Plant

Coal Seam Gas Wastewater Treatment Plant

Packaged across four interconnected 40′ containers, this Elementz Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Wastewater system is designed to manage a flow of 1,000kL/day and up-to 1,430kL/day.

The overall process pre-treats the raw water to a point suitable for a reverse osmosis process to recover the water to be used for irrigation and stock consumption.

The treatment train includes a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process, 2 x trains Ultrafiltration (UF) process @ 1kL/day each, 2 x trains Reverse Osmosis (RO) processs @1kL/day each,  a water distribution systems and sludge press dewatering.

The reverse osmosis system utilises a 3 stage process to recover a high percentage of the saline feed water to a low salinity permeate/filtrate. The Low pressure feed pump provides pressure and flow required through a 5 micron high flow filter to ensure the membranes are protected from particulates which can lead to fouling.

This is followed by a High Pressure feed pump which provides the necessary flow and pressure required to overcome the osmotic pressure of the saline feedwater.

The RO permeate is blended with the RO feedwater to create the stock water blend, which is controlled by a proportional valve based on the ratios calculated by the PLC.

The Elementz CSG system is enabled with an advanced automatic operation system that adjusts based on flow, and offers remote monitoring, allowing offsite control via a smart device, providing around the clock access and control.

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