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RECYCLED water Treatment Plant

Water Recycling Plant For Blackmans Bay In Tasmania

Just south of Hobart in Tasmania’s picturesque seaside suburb of Blackmans Bay is the site of this new water recycling treatment plant, designed and manufactured by Protex Water.

Recycling Class B from from an existing WWTP, this new Elementz plant treats up to 2.6ML per day of effluent to Class A, for irrigation use on a new nearby golf course, and to supply much needed irrigation water to farmers in the area.

The treatment train for this plant incorporates Activated Filter Media (AFM) filtration, Ultra Filtration (UF) and then Chlorination. The plant includes high quality components throughout, including the use of an advanced Memcore UF Module from Dupont.

The implementation of this new Elementz treatment plant is also a massive win for the environment, saving up to 2.6ML per day of Class B water being discharged into the sea, and instead recycling it, for valuable irrigation purposes.

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